Nook-A-Lickle Creations

Yeah, it's weird. It's also kind of fun to say but, the question I get asked A LOT is "what is it?!"

It all goes back to a moment when one of my boys was around 7 years old. In true child exuberance, he came running up to me and said "Ma, nook! a lickel." Confused, I turned to look at him and saw that he was picking something up from the ground. With a big smile on his face, he showed me the coin he had just found. Understanding dawned on my face and I started cracking up! Repeating the phrase, I asked "nook a lickel?" He responded "yeah," wearing that "Duh, mom, you're so stupid" look that kids get. Again, I repeated the phrase "nook a lickel" but this time I took the nickel from his hands and emphasized the "lickel." I could see his wheels starting to turn, then his eyes got big and he started laughing, which made me laugh even harder. It became one of those moments that got referenced and repeated as an inside joke. As my children started on their adult journeys of careers, getting married and having children of their own, that silly little phrase became a sentimental representation of my family.

My kids have always given me strength, courage and, as they grew into adults, provided inspiration for me to be true to myself. When I decided to take the leap from hobbyist to official side-gig, there was only one name I could choose! With a little dash there and an intentional misspell here, I arrived at "Nook-A-Lickle Creations." It is a small nod to the happy moments with the family I love so much.

Whether you are buying a blank to make your own pretty creation or grabbing one of the things I've made, I hope that it brings you a bit of that same joy, silliness and laughter that I experienced with my son on that day.