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Straight Snow Globe - Sub Globe Tumbler

Straight Snow Globe - Sub Globe Tumbler

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Storyboard tumblers have become a passion of mine since I found the craft of tumbler making. The design options are limitless, but they can be time-consuming, involved and, for many people, intimidating. Alternatively, snow globes require no assembly, but for that reason, the design options are significantly reduced, and it can be a daunting process to get the solution and glitter into the cup. Each of these tumblers has its challenges and perks based on their design.

That’s where this 20oz Skinny Straight storyboard, dubbed the “Sub Globe” comes in! It has all the best characteristics of both the storyboard and snow globe tumblers.


  • A metal interior, like that of a storyboard, which helps keep your drink to temperature
  • The inner and outer pieces separate completely from each other, making your design possibilities ENDLESS!
  • The outer shell of the Sub Globe is one, continuous piece, eliminating the need for things like silicone or hot glue to keep the fluid level up and to seal in your glittery solution.
  • A pre-drilled hole on the bottom, like the snow globe, but this one is oversized, which makes filling it fast and easy!
  • The bottom edge creates a lip, so you don’t need to use a tape dam to keep your glitter on the cup while you maneuver it into the hole! It also gives you the perfect space for a glitter butt!
  • The top rim, where the outer shell seats into the metal, inner shell, is wide and easy to see, making the task of gluing or epoxying them together a cinch!
  • The metal base is completely straight and sublimatable!                                 

 The Sub Globe has the best of both, allowing you to bring your creations to a whole new level!


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